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20_kuribohs's Journal

20 Kuribohs
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What are we? 20_kuribohs is a facts community similar to 20_notes and 20_fruits. The basic idea is to write 20 "facts" about a character or relationship in any of the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

What's a "fact"? A fact is whatever you want it to be. It can be based on canon, fanon, or imagination. It can be a missing scene, a childhood memory, a favorite food or a drug problem. Anything your little heart desires. Just know that "Shou has blue hair" is not particularly interesting unless you try to explain why he has blue hair.

How do I claim something? To make a claim, go to this post and let me know what you want. Claims can vary significantly--it could be "Manjoume Jun" (the individual), "The Manjoume Group" (as a business unit), "Jun/Chosaku/Shoji" (as a pairing), or "The Manjoume Family" (as a family). Any pairing is fine no matter how outlandish, any character is fine no matter how minor. You can even write 20 Facts about about the three-tiered bunk bed in the Red Dorms, or the history of the Classy Ass, or Yugi's hair. Actual characters will probably net you a better story, but anything goes. Just tell me what you want in the claims post and you're good to go.

You can claim as many characters as you want at one time, so long as you reasonably believe that you can finish what you've claimed. There are no limits on how many people can claim each character, but if one character has a lot of people claiming him or her, than I would urge you to choose someone else, or place them in a group or pairing--to make things more interesting.

What should my post look like? You should use the following format:


You should also make sure to use an LJ cut. Fake cuts are okay, as long as the entry is a) not locked, and b) not in an eye-hurty font. Warnings are for anything potentially offensive/triggery, such as rape or child abuse. Things you think readers might want to know about before clicking the cut.

What if I hate writing go into a frothing rage at the sight of the printed word am not much of a writer, but want to participate anyway?

You can! It's a tough challenge, but if you're really adventurous, you can draw 20 pictures that work as "facts." If you're brave enough, and dedicated enough, then go for it! However, icons and fanmixes aren't going to fly here. I will assume you're going to be writing, so if you want to do art instead, you must let me know. Writing is the default.

Completed Claims Go Here

Spiritual Pillars (Hane Kuriboh & Ruby Carbuncle) by crysalice_bell
Spiritual Symmetry (JudaixJohan) by crysalice_bell
Set in Stone (Amethyst Cat) by heleentje
Faces of Hate and Love (Amon Garam) by cynthia_harrell
Twenty Hearts: Before and After (ManjoumexJudai) by reichans_birdie
This Tornado Loves You (Marufuji Shou) by speaky_bean
You Chose Wrong (Samejima & Ryo) by ich_bin_puppy
Wake Up Your Heart (JimxAsuka) by cheeky_eyes
Spell Of Fate (Black Magician Girl) by crysalice_bell
Crush (Yubel) by cheeky_eyes
Twenty Tiger Tales (TaniyaxMisawa) by cynthia_harrell

I want to affiliate with you! What should I do?

Click this link, and ask me! Chances are, I'd be happy to affiliate.


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