August 23rd, 2010

Girl with Owl

Claims Post

If you'd like to make a claim, please click this link and read the section on claims. Then, tell me right here who you'd like to write about, and wait for me to approve you. If you have any questions, please ask me here. After that happens, feel free to post here any time!

Yubel - cheeky_eyes Complete!
Amon Garam - cynthia_harrell Complete!
Amethyst Cat - heleentje Complete!
Marufuji Shou - speaky_bean Complete!
Black Magician Girl - crysalice_bell Complete!
Saotome Rei - cheeky_eyes
Fujiwara Yusuke - fennikusu_ai
Tenjoin Asuka - cynthia_harrell
Fudo Yusei - demonluver12

Judai x Yubel - rhodanum
Asuka x Jim - cheeky_eyes Complete!
Taniya x Misawa - cynthia_harrell Complete!
Johan x Judai - crysalice_bell Complete!
Manjoume x Judai - reichans_birdie Complete!
Judai x Yubel - cynthia_harrell
Amethyst Cat x Black Panther - satariraine
Asuka x Fubuki - natsuari

Yusuke, Ryo, Fubuki - pijsan (Art Challenge)
Ruby Carbuncle, Hane Kuriboh - crysalice_bell Complete!
Ryo, Samejima - ich_bin_puppy Complete!