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Faces of Hate and Love: Amon Garam

Title: Faces of Hate and Love
Author: cynthia_harrell/Higuchimon
Character: Amon Garam
Rating: PG-13
Notes: I love writing Amon as the pure raw bastard that he is.

One: Amon couldn’t, wouldn’t, understand how people could love their brothers and sisters and be happy with the fact that they loved them. He watched the Tenjoins from a distance, when he could spare the time (which wasn’t that often, he did have better things to do) and wondered which one of them would kill the other first and how they would do it. If anyone had asked him, he would have said that he believed the girl would kill her brother first. They weren’t the only siblings he had ever seen, but he believed every time that one of them wanted to kill the other, and just hadn’t done it yet.

Two: Every time Amon killed someone in Dark World, he knew he was one step closer to finding Exodia and achieving the power to fulfill his goals. More than that, with every kill, he felt a little piece of his love for Sid dying, and he liked to think that if Sid found out what he was doing, his brother’s love for him would die as well. He would have to thank Yubel for freeing him from the shackles of love one day.

Three: Dueling wasn’t the answer to all of life’s problems. No matter how often people (such as Juudai) tried to convince everyone else around them of that, Amon knew better. Dueling was a tool, nothing more. The way to answer one’s personal dilemma was with power. Dueling or explosives or blackmail were all tools to power, tools that he used and understood. He was just as glad no one else realized it. While they whiled away their times with foolish games, he built the power base for Garam Finance, and made ready for the day when all of this would be over.

Four: Since entering the world of sand, Amon knew without any doubt that Duel Spirits existed. It was impossible to deny, with the Harpy Ladies circling above and Hane Kuriboh and Ruby Carbuncle popping up anywhere they liked, and the Ojama Trio hovering near Manjoume at all times. Yet he didn’t care. If someone had offered him the ability to see spirits on Earth, he wouldn’t have taken it. Duel Spirits were amusing pets, nothing more.

Five: He heard people once wailing to one another about how they had never had friends until they came to Duel Academia. He had never had friends either. He never wanted them. He had his power, he had Echo, he had his brother, and that was all that mattered to him. He didn’t believe friends truly existed at any rate. Beyond power, Echo, and Sid, there were enemies and there were people he would use to gain more power. There was nothing else in the world that mattered.

Six: As much as he loved Echo (and let no one ever deny that he did love her, because if someone did, he would kill them with a song in his heart), she was still nothing more than a tool to him in the end. She was the key to his ultimate power, and the fact that he loved her made her the best tool she could have ever been. Perhaps if Sid had never been born, he could have loved her in other ways one day. But that was not the story that they had to live through.

Seven: Amon knew what he would do once he had defeated Yubel and taken over this dimension. He wasn’t going to stop there. He would return to Earth, kill Sid and his parents, and once the hubbub died down from that, he would begin to take over everywhere else, eliminating his competition one family and company at a time. He believed that he would start with the Manjoume Group. Defeating Manjoume Jun had been interesting enough on its own, but he would eliminate all three of them in due course, on a permanent basis.

Eight: Once he had met a preacher who railed at him for three hours about the glory of God and how Amon should turn his life over to God at once. Amon listened only because he wondered how someone could talk for so long about a being that they had never seen and had no evidence existed. He knew his God existed, because he saw his God every time he looked into a mirror. As the man's spiel wound down, Amon decided that he would no longer stand silent. But three words hadn't yet escaped his lips, none of them conveying what was in his heart, before Sid tugged at his sleeve and said that he wanted to go home.

Nine: Amon hated Sid with all of his heart. He hated Sid from before he was born, when the gestating fetus stole his parents from him. Amon hated his brother when he was born, as the family and servants gathered around the baby and cooed over him. He hated the child as he lay in that bed and gripped Amon’s finger with one hand, staring at him with the trusting eyes of an infant. Amon hated Sid even more when he realized that he loved him. Who was Sid to make Amon Garam love anyone? Sid was his brother, and Amon hated him for it.

Ten: Amon’s favorite flavor of ice cream was strawberry. Sid’s was chocolate. Since the day that Sid first expressed that he preferred that flavor to any other, Amon had neither eaten strawberry ice cream nor allowed it to be brought into the house at all. Every servant who did the shopping was under orders to avoid buying it. When one failed to follow those orders, citing that there was no chocolate available, Amon fired her without mercy. His brother did not want strawberry ice cream. Therefore, he wouldn’t have it.

Eleven: Amon liked to have certain things already decided. It made doing them that much easier when the time came. It took him less than a week after making his first bargain with Yubel and getting Exodia to decide how he would kill his parents and Sid. Sid would be finished with a single bullet to the brain. It wasn’t his fault that he’d been born. But his parents, they he would take time over. Their deaths would take at least a month each. There would be torment. There would be pain. Suffering. Everything he had felt, they would. Only then could he properly build the world that he wanted.

Twelve: Any good spy studied his enemy for weeks, months, or even years before he confronted that enemy. With the enmity between Garam Finance and the Manjoume Group, Amon suspected the day would come when he and one of those three would face one another in some kind of battle. He made plans for them all. He knew exactly how he would defeat Manjoume Jun in a duel six months before he ever met him.

Thirteen: Once, Amon blinded a man with a toothpick. He knew his brother would never know what the sound of a man’s eye caving in sounded like. That was all right. He knew, and because he knew, his brother wasn’t ever going to have to.

Fourteen: One of the greatest days of Amon’s life was the day he realized that he could do anything to protect Sid and their parents wouldn’t care. They would encourage him. Laws meant nothing when it came to guarding their precious son. Sid was a very protected child from that moment on.

Fifteen: A business associate of Garam Finance once gave Amon a book on war strategies and Echo a set of bracelets. An hour after the associate had left, Echo gave him the bracelets, and he gave her the book. He enjoyed them so much they became a regular part of his ensemble. But he still read the book after Echo had.

Sixteen: Amon never knew Echo in the Biblical sense of the word. There was never any time. He had his education, both at school and the private lessons that his father wanted him to learn, and he had to spend time with Sid, because that was what Sid wanted, and there was just never any time. He wondered if that contributed to how much Echo hated Sid as well.

Seventeen: Amon had never forgotten the family name he was born to, or where he had lived until he had ran away. There had been no abuse there. His reasons for leaving were his own and he never spoke of them. But when he was fifteen and found his mother sniffing around the Garam household in search of a job, he made one trip back to the old home. When he read the obituary in the papers some days later, he smiled at a job well done.

Eighteen: Amon had never liked cats or dogs. As time passed, he had more reasons not to like them. Dogs reminded him too much of how loyal he was to Sid and their parents, performing any trick he could in order to get their praise. Cats reminded him too much of how he didn’t want to be that loyal. Dogs were who he was. Cats were who he wanted to be. So he hated them all.

Nineteen: Amon protected Sid from anything that could harm him in any way. This protection would last until Sid was mature enough to protect himself and to run Garam Finance. This was why Amon encouraged Sid to find other pursuits than dueling, despite how popular it was, and how much Sid enjoyed the few practice duels they had against one another. Amon didn’t want Sid to think about the Pro Leagues and the wealth and connections available there. Sid would only be disappointed in the end. Amon protected Sid from himself.

Twenty: Someone had once accused Goa Garam of multiple crimes, most of which were patently ridiculous for someone in the public eye as he was. Not long after the accusations began, the accuser dropped out of sight. Amon didn’t think the crime of murder was so horrible when it came to protecting the honor of his family. If anyone had ever asked, he would have said he was only guilty of aggravated assault. Her lies had aggravated him.

The End

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