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Hey guys! I know it's been a very long time since anything was done with this community. I've neglected a few of the prompts, and for that I'm truly only excuse is that school and work were eating my brain to the point where focusing on anything else was next to impossible. It's not exactly the world's best excuse, but there it is. Anyway, all outstanding claims have been added, so if you're still interested you can go ahead and get started.

I am changing something about the community. We are now no longer GX-only--we will now be accepting claims for all Yu-Gi-Oh series. So if you would like to claim Honda, or Yusei, or Shark, you can go right ahead.

Crush: Yubel.

Title:  Crush
Author: cheeky_eyes
Heavily inspired by Paramore’s songs ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Crushcrushcrush.’ I highly recommend listening to them; they match Yubel in season three quite well and are quite awesome songs. 


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Wake Up Your Heart: Asuka/Jim

Title:  Wake Up Your Heart
Author: cheeky_eyes (and I fail far too much to link. ^^’)
Asuka, Jim. Tomorrowshipping, or at least my attempt at it.
Besides finally, nothing much to say except this was harder than I thought it would be. And now reading through, there are probably more I could add. Go figure.  Also I have finished my Yubel one, I just need to type it up so that too should be up soon.
She was independent, he respected that, but they both knew no one could do it alone. That’s why when he offered his hand she took it.


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You Chose Wrong: Ryo and Samejima

20 Kuribohs about Ryo Marufuji and Principal Samejima

Title – You Chose Wrong
Character(s)/Pairing – Ryo Marufuji, Principal Samejima, and those briefly mentioned
Rating – T
Notes – I am assuming that Ryo and Sho did not attend Duel Academy’s affiliated junior high school. I say this because one of them might seem oddly worded if that is not established.
Warnings – Spoilers for the entire series, inconsiderate parents and some general darkiness.

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20 Kuribohs: This Tornado Loves You

Title: This Tornado Loves You
Author: speaky_bean
Claim: Marufuji Shou
Rating: PG-13
Notes: This is written as the story of Shou's life, spanning from childhood to marriage and kids, from feeling inferior to Ryo to taking care of him in the hospital, from unashamedly adoring Judai to not being sure if he should ever speak to him again. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think. Be warned, this contains spoilers for the whole series!

Also, I'm sorry for using a song lyric for the title. I just felt that it had to be done. This is not a songfic.

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Set in Stone [Amethyst Cat]

Title: Set in Stone
Author: heleentje 
Character(s)/Pairing: Amethyst Cat
Rating: T
- Johan's old deck is a Walkure-deck that I created for a possible future fic.
- In my headcanon, the age of the Gem Beasts follows the colors of the rainbow, with Ruby as the oldest and Amethyst (and later Rainbow Dragon) as the youngest.
- The story can be found here at
Warnings: Vague spoilers for seasons three and four, one very brief mention of violence.

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